Meet the Roots Farmer


Having had a career in music and the arts since I left school, I am new to growing food on this scale. But, it has always been my other dream to live in a sustainable way producing organic food. The 2020 pandemic has led me to realise this dream as my music business was pretty much wiped out by the lockdown restrictions. So I decided to make the leap into being a full time food grower!

One of my biggest passions is social justice and equity for Black communities living in the west and I have been active in this area throughout my career in music and the arts. Through farming I aim to continue with this.

As a father of two sons, I have a responsibility to lead by example in teaching them about sustainable and self reliant ways of living - The farm will be a teaching ground for mine and other young people.

I can't wait to serve my local community in Hackney and London some of these vegetable goodies!